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Haha :D

I suppose a fitting metaphor for this video would be "I used to take arrows to the knee, but then I met the Dovahkiin". Great movie, epic "overrage" and awesome animation and voice acting!
Can't help to think though, if this would happen to everyone who writes "arrow to the knee" jokes half of the internet would go down...

Hell yeah!

I knew you were good, but this is on a level equal with Krinkels! Really awesome work, I hope you win a shit load of prize money :D


First of all I have to say that this is awesome, and it deserves it's 3rd place. But I know how useless reviews saying "awesome!" are, so I'll do my best to say everything that was somewhat bad (or the things that wasn't as good as the rest).
So let's start with the movements of the characters.
The heads, and guns, were animated were good. The bodies and foots wasn't that good though. For example when they were talking, or aiming at something, the body was just still and only the head and hands were moving. If you could make the body follow in the direction that the head and hands are heading, it would look much better! I know you did one some places, but doing it all the time is better :)
Also, some of the effects could be better. I'm mainly thinking of that white-lines thing. It looks... plain, I think. Maybe that was what you were aiming for, but making it glow or something would make it look all badass ;)
And please, keep the flashback-thing, it's really something new and it totally stands out from the rest of all the madness!
So, good job, and good luck on your future projects :D

tomtyke responds:

i was going to go past the flashback thing as he has most of his memory now, but i intend for him to become more haunted by his past. but i still have a few ideas in store that you might like...

and i think i will make them glow now you mention it.... thanks for the idea! :D

(epic review, thanks)

also, i did notice the body thing, but i deemed it slightly less necisary, i'll give it a higher priority next time :)

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I like it!

You got some great ideas man! Keep training, and you'll get frontpage soon!
Some tips though:

Try making everything more detailed, like the blood and all parts of the body being smashed. This is basically just gore, so that's a big part of it.

Better sound quality. That isn't hard to make, but it makes a big difference. Just find the settings for sounds and increase the quality.

Better animation. Just keep training :)

And maybe you should try to be a little more original (no offense). As everyone under me has said; it looks quite much like Happy Tree Friends (that's a good thing of course). Try some random things, such things you don't expect to see at that place.
It is really fun as it is though :D

So overall: Good work!

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Holy fucking shit...

I would write something constructive if there where anything at all that sounded off, but sorry, I can't find anything. Man, this so deserves several thousand listens, not 700...

Anyway, do you think I could use this for a Madness movie I'm making? That would so make the movie 200% better :D

TIMarbury responds:

yea go ahead! i can't wait to see it.


...Something a little different? Well if you consider one of the best songs I've heard as "a little different" it's fine, but I can't imagine what "a little awesome thing" would sound like... ;)
Awesome work, this is by far the best song I've heard so far (not only on NG that is) and I bet I will find more of this when I look through your other songs!


I guess there isn't much to be said. I mean, look at all the reviews under me! So, good work, looking forward to hear more stuff from you :D

15thDimension responds:

thanks for the review!

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After reading all comments....

...I guess I had to leave a real one. I don't really understand how people can hate this so damn much, or why they keep returning if they actually hate your work. The best way to make someone get worse is telling him/her "u fucking suck learn 2 draw >:(". It's sad, really....

God damn...

Now, to the art: I like it, it's not perfect, but I still like it. What I really would like to see is shadows (I know you have some, but it needs more and darker) and better light effects (thinking of the scythe now). The hair looks good, needs a lot of darker lines to give the impression of real hair though. Her left leg should be a little longer, and I think her horns should be slightly smaller. The cloth should be more affected by wind and movement, and have very much shadows to strenghten that feeling. I like the facial structure, kinda chibi feel to it, and the hands are ok. Good work on her breasts, they look nice ;)
I think you should do lineart instead of filter effects for a background, or atleast add a platform she's standing on or something similar instead of having her flying there. And have a darker background, it's the background that's standing out now, not her.

As I've seen on a few responses, you're trying to find your own style? Then I'd suggest you to stop drawing anime and try to be as realistic as possible, then drawing more cartoony after a while. Somewhere between those two you should find something that works well for you :)

DragonPunch responds:

Thank you for your advice. I will probably go back to improving on my old style. I need to start learning more action poses and things.

Nice lightning :D

Really, those waves looks awesome! As for the leaves you could always try making a few "leaf" brushes, and just press with them randomly at the tree. That would add leaves easy, and it would actually look as if you drawed all of them by hand ;)

Sup clown

Nice work, I really like your style :D It's sad how this got a score under 4 tho :O

GalenTV responds:

i guess im not good enough

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