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Haha :D

I suppose a fitting metaphor for this video would be "I used to take arrows to the knee, but then I met the Dovahkiin". Great movie, epic "overrage" and awesome animation and voice acting!
Can't help to think though, if this would happen to everyone who writes "arrow to the knee" jokes half of the internet would go down...

Hell yeah!

I knew you were good, but this is on a level equal with Krinkels! Really awesome work, I hope you win a shit load of prize money :D

Hell yeah

You sir, has done the impossible! Great work, the portal needs moar of this!

Rainboom responds:



First of all I have to say that this is awesome, and it deserves it's 3rd place. But I know how useless reviews saying "awesome!" are, so I'll do my best to say everything that was somewhat bad (or the things that wasn't as good as the rest).
So let's start with the movements of the characters.
The heads, and guns, were animated were good. The bodies and foots wasn't that good though. For example when they were talking, or aiming at something, the body was just still and only the head and hands were moving. If you could make the body follow in the direction that the head and hands are heading, it would look much better! I know you did one some places, but doing it all the time is better :)
Also, some of the effects could be better. I'm mainly thinking of that white-lines thing. It looks... plain, I think. Maybe that was what you were aiming for, but making it glow or something would make it look all badass ;)
And please, keep the flashback-thing, it's really something new and it totally stands out from the rest of all the madness!
So, good job, and good luck on your future projects :D

tomtyke responds:

i was going to go past the flashback thing as he has most of his memory now, but i intend for him to become more haunted by his past. but i still have a few ideas in store that you might like...

and i think i will make them glow now you mention it.... thanks for the idea! :D

(epic review, thanks)

also, i did notice the body thing, but i deemed it slightly less necisary, i'll give it a higher priority next time :)


I have to start with saying that I'll only talk about the bad things, everything that I'm not saying anything about is good :)

1: Explosions. They're not that good, just a couple of frames long. I think you atleast should add some smoke and debris to make it look more realistic, maybe even make everything a little brighter during the explosion.

2: Blood. It's fine as it is, but it would be awesome if the blood had different colour depending on clock-colour. And you should add some wallblood and some bloodsplurts too.

3: Gunshots. Instead of using Krinkels shots you should make your own, custom gunshots. It's not needed, but it would make everything better. Making them glow is also something you should do, as it makes it look way more realistic.

Well, that's all I can think of. Overall I liked it, and I wish you good luck on coming projects of yours! :P

Nomaron responds:

I did use my own gun shots :(

Well, its not got details in it at the moment because its incomplete. When its more complete it will have effects and be fully sounded. Thanks for your review.

Also the explosions are just expanded versions of the gun flashes, i got lazy :(


I remember watching Ryder Revenge Part6, and suddenly after what felt like a week you had already done Part7. Also this time you made this very fast, and it is still a very good animation. The guys you made are also cool, as well as the weapons. Some bad things are though:

1: The sounds. First of all it's a bad quality on it, and you're using the same sound too many times. Try to find more sound-effects that sounds different.

2: Effects. For example the scene were the big building explodes. The explosions were about 3 frames long and were all the debris that should be there was only some gradient-coloured big dough.

3: Your english. I think the simplest thing to do would be to ask someone to re-write your texts, so that they would be more correct.

Well, that's all the bad things. But this was really good, and I really hope that you are going to make more of it :)

Djjaner responds:

Thanks for the lessons, without you I did not know. :D


Thats the best moral I've ever seen :D

Lol :3

As everyone under me has said; epic, awesome, random etc. Great work, and good luck on that movie of yours :D

Wyvernhunt responds:

Thanks :)

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