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elmo dies xmas edition elmo dies xmas edition

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like it!

You got some great ideas man! Keep training, and you'll get frontpage soon!
Some tips though:

Try making everything more detailed, like the blood and all parts of the body being smashed. This is basically just gore, so that's a big part of it.

Better sound quality. That isn't hard to make, but it makes a big difference. Just find the settings for sounds and increase the quality.

Better animation. Just keep training :)

And maybe you should try to be a little more original (no offense). As everyone under me has said; it looks quite much like Happy Tree Friends (that's a good thing of course). Try some random things, such things you don't expect to see at that place.
It is really fun as it is though :D

So overall: Good work!

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