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Deathisawesome's News

Posted by Deathisawesome - April 6th, 2012

Yes you!
You are looking at the wrong account, head over to the new one, TXASpecter you foo :D


Posted by Deathisawesome - March 19th, 2012

That is totally not for le Scorches, totally...


Posted by Deathisawesome - February 4th, 2012

Don't have much to say, but I do have something to show :P
Also, new design NG design is AWESOME :D

So uh, new post.

Posted by Deathisawesome - December 18th, 2011

Graphics card returning tomorow (wednesday) and I got some good news about it. The error was so extreme that they're simply giving me a new one, and a better one at that :D Do gusta!


As both CheesyMaster and Rainboom can tell you, my computer crashes from time to time, and the reason seems to be that my graphic card is corrupted in some way. So I'm going to hand it back to the company that sold it, and they're gonna check if it really is corrupted or if something else is wrong, and if it is they'll send a new one. Until that, I can't use my computer at all :/ I'll still log in on NG from the phone, though not as often.
So yeah, happy birthday Cheesy, and have a good week without me bothering you >:3

I also found the time to put together an explosion in Flash, and this thing is totally ridicules... Several hundred layers in total, but thanks to some pretty awesome V-Cam it's all transformed into some sort of a bitmap, allowing the movie to run without any lag whatsoever. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about the thing, it took some time creating it :P


So yeah, seems my tablet is actually WORKING again, thanks to awesome. Also, edited my version of Hank slightly, and played Minecraft about 50 hours the past week. Good stuff.

Also, Hank now has a robot hand, because Chuck Norris approves.

Edit: New user pics, press dat F5 :D

Also, new Hank and a ATP Commander...


Also made a banner for xaker333.

I also got kicked from a Battlefield Bad Company 2 game because they said I wasn't a noob.. uh, thanks I guess?

No computer the following week...

Posted by Deathisawesome - November 3rd, 2011

Yup, got my computer up to speed now, but all flash files have been lost forever, except my newest sprite (which I uploaded to the NG dump, thank god...). So, I'm going to start on AM2 about now, probably going to do it with the sprites, and add some fbf to it. Wish me luck :)

Also, this guy is fucking amazing....
Some speed paint.

Also, made a revolver.

Edit: I drew Hank and the Agents, then put this together. Enjoi.

Edit: Ah, internetz, how did we survive without it?

Made a test with the new Hank, hope you like :D

Oh and I found this searching through the audio portal.... Skyrim + heavy metal = TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME! >:D

If you don't approve, you will take an arrow in the knee...

Also, my tablet is broken... :'C

Getting started again :)

Posted by Deathisawesome - October 15th, 2011

As you might already know, I've lost my (D;) harddrive AND my mouse :/ Going to have that fixed some day, but untill that day comes I have almost nothing to work with, except a small part of my new sprite. Still, I have no sound effects at all :/

But you can still take a look at some tests I did a while back ago, 3 new tests will be uploaded soon as a part of a small duel with BioSoldier167 :D

(Old ones)
3 guys vs 1 (sry for bad audio quality :O)
Assault rifle test.

Made a gunsword.

So yeah...

Posted by Deathisawesome - September 22nd, 2011

Hell yeah!
Take a look at my MD entries, and leave a comment :3

Other than that, NM will now be worked on 24/7,5 and will hopefully be done to halloween :)

EDIT: Working on a new test, probably done soon :)

Test is done! (sry for bad audio quality :O)

Another test.

Posted by Deathisawesome - September 1st, 2011

Mah harddrive hates me... well, I was doing a small MD project and BAM.... it doesn't exist now.... on the good side, I started a new thing instead, a FBF madness movie. Yeah, don't be so shocked kai?

The loading screen has been done, and it's great, never the same, always changing.
I've also got about 14.8 seconds of animation, though that is about 5 seconds of text and the rest is just tweenings. But the intro is done (yeah it's a short one) so now it's over to the "main" movie :D

Leave a comment kai?

EDIT: New screenie, u like?

Guess what?

Posted by Deathisawesome - August 9th, 2011

Made mahself a soldieah.
Basically it's the Special Tasks Group that are sent in to investigate the zombies taking over. Nao where's mah 100 comments? lol

Edit: Made mahself a commando... I think commando has very bad day. Full size

I also decided to, instead of making tests, upload small character animations from NM. So here's a ZOMBIEAH

Madness Day 2011 entry.

Even moar progress

Posted by Deathisawesome - July 28th, 2011

So, going forward, not done with all characters yet though :O But I'll probably just do osmething fast for them, animate it, and edit them the last thing I do, as I really have to begin animating more :O

So, well, main character below, name Ryan Butcher (awesome, right?) :P

Edit: I decided to, instead of making tests, upload small character animations from NM. So here's a ZOMBIEAH

Edit: New user pics and a headah! :D

Edit: If you watch this gravity cat will be amused.

Moar progress :D